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We are a custom Tiny Home builder located in Central Alberta with a passion for the environment, sustainability, and building the highest quality Tiny Homes on the market. 

The Tiny Home movement is a passion project for customers and builders alike but they are still complex structures and it requires an extensive amount of knowledge and experience to build them to perform properly and to last the test of time. 

We bring over 25 years of experience in the residential construction industry to the Tiny Home market and we use that experience in every Tiny Home we build. Customer expectations are high when making such a large investment and we not only aim to meet your expectations, we expect to exceed them. At Tree Hugger Tiny Homes we understand what it takes to build a high quality product from start to finish and the results speak for themselves.

Whether you are wanting a complete ready to move in to Tiny Home or a shell for you to put your personal touches on you can rest assured that all Tree Hugger Tiny Home products are built to the highest standards for safety and quality. 



Tiny Homes On Wheels (THOW)

Whether you a looking for a new forever home, a cabin for the lake, or even a portable business or office we’ll make sure it is built specifically to suit your needs and preferences. Our specifications are of the highest standards and can be customized to suit your personal needs. 

All of our THOW are on custom built trailers designed specifically for this product. With electric brakes on all axles, a break away system, heavy duty fenders, led lights, and a urethane painted finish you can feel confident knowing that your home is built on a solid foundation.


Skidded Homes

Our tiny skidded homes offer the same great quality and features as our THOW, we've just removed the wheels. Perfect for more permanent locations such as a homestead, cabin, back yard shop, or she-shed. Skidded homes are still considered portable and can be easily moved to a new location if desired.

Our skids are customized specifically for our Tiny Homes and are built to withstand the stresses of transportation. The urethane painted finish will ensure your foundation holds up to the elements just as well as the exterior of your Tiny Home. 



We understand that you may want to leave your own mark on your Tiny Home so we also offer shell packages to suit your needs. Whether it be a THOW or a skidded home we will handle the technical aspects of the build so you can put your own finishing touches on it.

Our standard shell package includes the trailer, framing, windows/door, and exterior finishes to ensure that you have a properly built structure as a starting point.

We can also finish it to any stage that you wish but we advise you to let us take care of the structural components of the build as a minimum. Not everything is a DIY project and we want to ensure our customers are always safe in any of our products.


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