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Step 1 - Let's Talk

Contact us. We would be happy to get started planning your Tiny Home. You can either reach us by using the Contact Us button or if you are looking to get a better idea on pricing you can complete the Custom Pricing Request form located under the Next Steps menu.


Step 2 - Working It Out

We will communicate with you to design a custom built home based on your needs, wants, and budget. Feel free to send us any sketches, pictures, or products that you have saved and we will do our best to incorporate them into your build, this is what the full custom process is all about. Once we have all of the information together we will provide you with a rough layout and quote thoroughly detailing all of your specifications. Unlike many of the other Tiny Home builders we do not require a deposit or commitment of any kind at this stage. 



Step 3 - I Do  

Once everything has been reviewed and accepted it is time to make it official. A Purchase Agreement and our Custom Build Specifications will be signed off on detailing out the terms of the build. When financing is required the documents will be sent to the lender for approval at this time. If there is already financing in place or once the financing has been approved a 35% deposit is taken in order to proceed with blueprints being drawn and the custom trailer or skid being manufactured. *Shell packages require a 50% deposit at signing and the remaining 50% at completion*


Step 4 - The Fun Part

The trailer has been ordered and it's almost time to start construction. Trailers and skids typically take 4-6 weeks to have manufactured however this can vary and a more accurate timeline will be provided upon ordering. While the trailer or skid is being manufactured we are busy ordering the materials for your home and building the construction schedule to start once your trailer or skid arrives. Once the trailer or skid arrives the construction is broken down in the following stages;

  • Stage 1 Construction – This phase includes framing the home, installing windows, doors, roofing, and siding. The plumbing/gas, and electrical rough-ins are also completed at this time. A 2nd deposit of 35% is required upon completion of this stage and prior to proceeding with the Rough In Stage. *For shell packages this is the completion and the remaining 50% is due*

  • Stage 2 Construction - During this phase we proceed with the insulation, all finishing work including the woodwork and cabinet installation. Followed by the painting, flooring, plumbing fixtures, electrical fixtures, appliances, etc.

A typical Tiny House takes approximately 8-12 weeks to build once we have the trailer in our shop. The timelines will vary based on the size of the home and the types of selections and finishes you make. Updated timelines will be provided as we proceed with the build. 

Step 5 - The Big Day

Some may call this the end but it's really just the beginning for you and your new home! Your Tiny Home is now complete and ready for pick-up or delivery. Nothing left to do but enjoy your beautiful new Tiny Home.

*The final 30% payment is due before pick-up or delivery* 

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