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Cascade Exterior Rendering.png


A harmonious blend of space optimization and comfort, the Cascade is an ideal choice for those seeking a cozy yet functional tiny home living experience.

Sleeps 2

317 sq ft

34ft x 8.5ft


$159,999 CAD / $119,999 USD

This modern tiny house establishes the benchmark for upscale living in a compact footprint. 

Meticulous attention to detail, high-quality construction, and luxury converges in the Cascade for an elevated tiny living experience.

The main floor bedroom captivates with vaulted ceilings, striking lighting, and a recessed feature wall, while the lofted retreat introduces an additional layer of versatility and sophistication. 

With a striking exterior design this thoughtfully curated home has swiftly become a favorite. 


  • Main floor bedroom

  • Queen sized bed w. storage under

  • Secondary sleeping/storage loft

  • Large kitchen w. custom cabinetry

  • Built-in dining area w. storage

  • Custom locker

  • Full sized shower

  • Combo washer/dryer

  • Large venting windows throughout

  • Striking modern exterior


Acquire yours starting at:

$159,999 CAD / $119,999 USD

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